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Ali+Oli Baby Baltic Amber & Gemstone Bracelet

Ali+Oli Baby Baltic Amber & Gemstone Bracelet


The bracelets are beaded out of smooth 100% natural Baltic amber beads and then strung upon pure cotton that is waxed. Each bead is carefully knotted on both sides to prevent scattering in case the bracelet was to break. They are hand-crafted in Lithuania so the attention to detail is flawless.

This teething necklace is created for wearing, not for chewing. Wash the necklace in soapy water before putting it on your baby's hand. They're suitable for babies (boys and girls) 12 months and up.

Bracelet size: 5.5" (14 cm) for 12 months to 4 yearls old

Bead size: ~0.5 cm

Handmade in Lithuania since 1991 by a family-owned Baltic amber jewelry manufacturing

Authentic certified Baltic amber

Each amber bead is handmade by experienced masters, preserving centuries-old Baltic amber processing traditions.

Material: 100 % Baltic Amber Lemon color polished & Gemstones: Rose Quartz

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